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Why I should use Ads on Social Networks

Why I should use Ads on Social Networks

Social networks offer many options for reaching a specific audience and customizing advertising to fit that audience's needs and wants.

For example, you can create ads that appear in the news feeds of people who have similar interests to the products or services you offer.

We can also segment the scope to a certain city or region, and for example, only people between the ages of 30 and 40 who frequently travel abroad see it.

It is important to follow these steps when creating effective campaigns:

1- Choose the goal we want to achieve with this advertising. It is not the same to seek to spread a brand, making the ad seen many times by each user, than promoting a professional activity to get quality leads.

2- Create the audience for the distribution of the ad. Here aspects such as the area or region to be reached, gender, age range, interests of the people we are interested in, among others, must be defined. Having previously defined the profile of your BUYER is essential to define these aspects.

3- Define a daily or monthly budget, the hours in which that ad is going to be shown, and the distribution dates, being able to indicate the beginning and end of that advertising campaign.

4- Choose the location of the ad. Although the platform can choose the location where it will automatically display the ad, it is preferable that you indicate in which section we prefer the ad to be displayed. For example, you can choose to have your ad displayed in the Reel, in the video, in the news feed, etc.

5- Creation of the ad:

  • Define the format, such as whether the ad will contain a single photo, a sequence of images, or a video. Ads Manager will indicate the format requirements based on the placements you've chosen to display your ads.
    Define the descriptive text (COPY) and giving relevant information to the objective of the ad. Here you should think about what your potential client is looking for, and what request you are offering with your product or service.
    Define the "Call to Action" that the visitor must make if he is interested. This can be going to your website or sending you a message as some of the options.

6- Once finished, you should carefully review the ad and expect good results.

7- Social networks offer detailed reports on the performance of ads. It is very important that after launching the campaign, you spend some time observing the results and performance so that you can improve your campaigns in the future.

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