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What does SEO mean?

They are the acronym for "Search Engine Optimization", and could be described as processes that are carried out to optimize a website so that search engines find it easily if it is the one that responds in the most appropriate way to a user's requirement. at the time of making an inquiry. 

The purpose is to increase the visibility of the site, when people search for content related to that specific topic and, as a consequence, attract the attention of users, become a benchmark in the sector and get more qualified leads that become new customers.

So, each search that is carried out in Google represents a great opportunity to offer the best answer, oriented to satisfy the intention that the user had and gain positions in the Google race or any of the search engines that are used. It must be taken into account that in addition to offering the best response for the user, the web page must be "friendly" in terms of usability, speed, and structure.

The user experience, finding the answer he needs easily, and reading the information, indicate to the search engine, that this website must be upper in positions.

Unlike SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or Ads, in which to get out in the top positions you have to pay (and continue paying) considerable amounts to win over other advertisers, the cost of SEO is reduced to the time dedicated and careful to the website in terms of usability and structure, and the generation of valuable content for users.

The advantage is that the positions gained can remain over time and continue occupying the top positions without recurring costs.

The web pages that keep their information updated and this is valued by users, receive a better position in the search engine results as a reward without spending money permanently to get views and customers.




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