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Web Development Process

How do we take care of the web development process?

First, you need to give us some information about your business, your Goals, your vision, your taste about design, the resources you have or we need to get, to evaluate the best options.

Then, We will create a user that will allow you to access our system, where we will upload every 2 days the update of your future website to allow you to give us feedback during the process.

It's time to have our first review, to agree on the strategy and requirements needed to realize your dream website.

We will start creating the main views and according to the number of sections the site has, you will be notified for checking and approval. Maybe for this time we could have another revision if it is needed.

Once the design is approved, we will begin to develop the Content Manager so that in the future, it can be easily modified by you, and the website will always be updated and in sync with the business objectives.

The design of the content manager, again, depends on the amount of functionality required for the website.

Time for the final revision. We are now in a position to explain how you will be able to update all the important information on your new website and take the final step to upload it to your company's domain.

Once the site is working properly on the new domain, you will have 7 working days to test it and give your message of total conformity for your new website.

We hope will be your new technology partner for now and forever. Or we will take your money back.

You will be able to change the content to match with your Goals!!

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