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SEO and strategies to grow your business without high advertising costs.

SEO and  strategies to grow your business without high advertising costs.

Unless you're willing to spend a lifetime on a major advertising cost...

The advantages of doing SEO on a web page are:

  • Improvement in the visibility of the web page in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  • More organic traffic will reach the website, that is, people looking for information about your activity will find the answers they are needing.
  • Improve user experience by providing more relevant results to their searches.
  • Greater confidence and credibility in the website and in what the page promotes. This can be a product, a service, or the activity of a professional.
  • Increase in conversions and business performance.

To save on advertising, you can consider the following strategies:

  1. Use SEO techniques to gain organic traffic and over time reduce reliance on paid advertising for quality leads.
  2. Using ads on social networks and search engines that are specific to your target audience and with a limited budget but that can reach your page and become customers.
  3. Using campaign performance analysis tools such as Google Analytics and user behavior on your website to measure results, and optimize content and ads, to obtain better results.
  4. Use content marketing to attract traffic and generate interest in people who are looking for that information to decide to buy that type of product or service.
  5. Using email marketing to keep current customers informed, make them feel "pampered" and, for attracting new contacts who have not yet decided to take action by sharing information that could help them make a decision.
  6. Collaborating with prominent people on social media, who can recommend and promote the product or service.
  7. Incentivize existing customers to leave a review on Google and ask them to refer their friends and family to you. You can think about creating a reward strategy to encourage this action.
  8.  If you carry out relevant content marketing to drive traffic and generate interest on your page, remember to make a call to action for your potential customers, who value your effort to provide the best information and want to acquire that product or service.
  9. Optimize your website's content and URLs by including the most relevant keywords to improve search engine visibility, instead of paying for ads in search results.
  10. Use remarketing, to show your ads to people who have already visited your website, to remind them about the product or service and that they can make the decision because they are accessing specific promotions for them.

The important thing is that although these strategies can help to reduce the cost of advertising, the competition is great and increasing every day, so the ideal is to find a balance between SEO and paid advertising. Both are important for achieving business goals and having a strong online presence.

Unless you are resigned to paying high advertising costs, with no other alternative, otherwise the clients will not arrive, we suggest you pay attention to these recommendations and start working on your sustainable growth strategy. 

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