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Process Timeline Abrir Respuesta

In the first place, we request that you go to the Budget your Web page, and complete the form. After receiving it and evaluating your need, we will agree to the first meeting by phone to agree on the terms and conditions that will later be applied to the work proposal that we will send you via email, and that after acceptance, will be the basis of the Work Contract that will give beginning of our commercial relationship and its web development. Please go to Timeline to check the TIMELINE PROCESS.

How much time to Deliver the website Abrir Respuesta

Each website is unique, the amount of time we need to deliver, will be established within the contract of acceptance of the work.

Signing the Contract Abrir Respuesta

Depending on the client's requirements, we will enter into a commitment contract in which the rights and obligations of both parties are established and will require the signature and acceptance email. In this way, the client will know exactly the times and total cost of your website.

Payment Methods Abrir Respuesta

We accept payments from: Bank transfer, PayPal and debit or credit card through PayPal.

Payment Requirements Abrir Respuesta

We require an initial payment equivalent to a fifty (50) percent of the budget accepted by the client. The other remaining 50% will be charged after having the client's agreement one week after the end of the project. In larger projects, it could be different.

Satisfaction Guarantee Abrir Respuesta

We are interested in solving problems, for this reason, if at any time during the process you understand that we are not doing it or, despite constant prior communications, when we deliver your website there are substantial differences and it does not meet your expectations, you have the right to request a refund of your money, which will be returned 100% with our sincere apologies for not having met your expectations.

Personal Data Abrir Respuesta

We use the information that we collect from you to provide our services. In addition, we may use the information to provide information relative to our products or services, to inform you of any changes to our website, to help us improve user experience on our website We will never provide your details to a third party,except than when required to do so by law.

Client Account Abrir Respuesta

We create an access account for each client, with the purpose of storing the history of interactions and allows the visualization of the progress in the development, so that the client can comment and request adjustments, as the web evolves in an easy and efficient.

Communication Abrir Respuesta

In order to arrive at a more complete understanding, we first need accurate data on your business and objectives. For this, we have our Online Quoter that will give us a very precise idea of what the development will be like. Then, we will give you access to the client site, through which you will be able to see the progress of the development and you will have the possibility to send us feedback or suggestions for changes through an internal message. If necessary, we can arrange a phone call or virtual meeting, to agree on some more sensitive points.

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